Gutiérrez-De La Fuente

Wasteland regeneration in Ibbenbüren, Germany

Date:   2012
Status:   Europan 11 Ibbenbüren International Competition
Category:   Masterplan, Urban Regeneration, Landscape, Residential
Tags:   Europan 11 Ibbenbüren, Regeneration of Inner City Wasteland



Client: City of Ibbenbüren (Stadt Ibbenbüren)
Location: Werthmühle Area, Diekwiese Area, and City entrance on Münsterstrasse, Ibbenbüren. Germany
Program: Landscape, residential, offices, retail, facilities, culture, sport & leisure
Strategic Area: 15 Ha
Site Area: 8.5 Ha (Werthmühle), 5.2 Ha (Diekwiese)
Built Area: 49.000,00 m2 (Werthmühle), 32.000,00 m2 (Diekwiese)
Budget: 170.000.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Collaborators: Paul-Rouven Denz


From mining to future: the mining town of Ibbenbüren is located in the north of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Like many other medium-sized centres, Ibbenbüren sees itself confronted with major challenges in urban development. In particular the demographic changes and perspectives for jobs in mining have demonstrated the need for a long-term, future-oriented action strategy. The competition site is located in immediate proximity to the town centre, in the transitional area between the town’s most important recreational area, the Aasee at Diekwiese and the cultural zone at Werthmühle.
From city to nature: the main goal of the proposal is to combine the qualities of living in the countryside with the advantages of urban living. Both sites, Werthmühle & Diekwiese are resolved with the same strategy to achieve urban cohesion and a new strong identity for the district. The renaturalization of the Ibbenbürener Aa & Aasee is the backbone of the work to activate both sites and to link them. The transition between city and nature is blurred, enriching the urban experience. The future economic change in the town (from mining to educational and economic center) and the population trends (increasing families with children and "young elderly" people) determine the varied program.