Gutiérrez-De La Fuente

Hotel in Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain (Hospedería)

Date:   2010
Status:   National Open Competition
Category:   Conversion, residential
Tags:   Hotel Fregenal de la Sierra, Hospedería de Turismo Extremadura



Client: Government of Extremadura (Junta de Extremadura)
Location: calle Bravo Murillo, inner city of Fregenal de la Sierra, Badajoz. Spain
Program: Hotel (40 rooms and common facilities)
Area: 2.700,00 m2
Budget: 6.100.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Model collaborator: Taller de Maquetas Jorge Queipo


Tourism as main driver: the conversion of a former Jesuit Monastery in a rural and high-standing hotel, is a well-known initiative from the regional Government of Extremadura. The regional program for these hotels, called “hospederías”, is spread out over all the territory, injecting new life to historical rural areas and city centers. Tourism is the main driver to upcycle obsolete listed buildings, with very positive effects over local economics.
Appropriation at three levels: the new hotel is composed of forty rooms and the regular common facilities for a four stars hotel, including a singular events hall in the former church of the monastery. The appropriation of the former monastery happens at three scales. (1st) The building is colonized with the new program, without nostalgia, it is freely manipulated just as a starting point. (2nd) The structure of the Santa Ana historical quartier is reinforced. The perimeter of the block is densify to clarify the space of the street, at the same time than the inner patio is open. (3rd) The scale of the city center and the Templar Castle is taken as reference in order to establish an urban dialogue with.