Gutiérrez-De La Fuente

Military Conversion in Schweinfurt, Germany

Date:   2014
Status:   International Competition
Category:   Masterplan, Conversion
Tags:   Askren Manor Conversion Schweinfurt, Military Conversion Germany, US Kaserne Konversion, Masterplan Reconversión Militar



Client: City of Schweinfurt (Stadt Nürnberg), German Federal Government (BImA)
Location: Askren Manor US Barracks, John-F-Kennedy Ring (Amerikanische Siedlung), Schweinfurt. Germany
Program: Masterplan (military conversion), landscape, residential (260 apartments & 150 single-family houses), offices, retail, facilities, mixed-use
Site Area: 28 Ha
Built Area: 64.000,00 m2
Budget: 180.000.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos, Oberpriller Architekten
Landscape: Logo Verde Landschaftsarchitekten (Ralph Kulak)


Facing urban vacancy: the U.S. military presence in Schweinfurt started in 1934 with the construction of an airbase and a “Panzerkaserne”. In 1953 was built Askren Manor residential district for military families. In 2014, within the framework of the Bundeswehr reform, the barracks are left by U.S. armed forces and are taken over by the Federal Government (BImA). The freed up space of Askren Manor makes it a challenge and opportunity for development due to its location and size to cover the existing demand, especially for young families and commuters. The urban planning task is to find a new use for the barracks and to reconnect the vacated site with the city
Barracks upcycling: "Urban_US Plan" is a military conversion into a new residential led mixed-use district in the West city gateway. The proposal resolves the fringe-condition between the city and the countryside by creating self-sufficient urban units, composed of a wide range of uses and typologies (diversity is one of the main drivers), in order to trigger a future-oriented step-by-step implementation. Some urban structures and barracks are reused and reprogramed in order to integrate them in the new quartier, and the worthy and natural existing structures are preserved. The existing identity plays an important role in the plan.