Gutiérrez-De La Fuente

Warming Huts in Winnipeg, Canada

Date:   2014
Status:   Art & Architecture International Competition
Category:   Landscape, Installation
Tags:   Warming Huts Winnipeg Canada, Temporary Pavilions, Art Installation Forks Rivertrail



Client: Warming Huts v.2014, City of Winnipeg, The Forks Corporation
Location: The Forks Rivertrail (Assiniboine River), Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada
Program: Landscape, art installation, temporary pavilion
Strategic Area: 7 Ha
Built Area: 10,00 m2
Budget: 16.500,00$ (CAN)
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Collaborators: Daniel Guerra


Temporary hubs: Warming Huts is an initiative from The Fork Corporation and the city of Winnipeg to create a series of temporary shelter-pavilions for The Forks Rivertrail (the world’s longest skating trail), at the junction of the Red River and the Assiniboine River. The intersection of the two rivers historically has made the area a popular meeting place for millennia. In recent times, the site has developed into a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.
A view-catcher: the proposal “view-catcher” is an optimistic approach to the main goal of the issue: enjoy The Forks!. The temporary pavilion is an amazing and mysterious geode (small and hollow rock lined on the inside with crystals), that suddenly has been found on The Forks. It arouses the curiosity of visitors. A rough and dark outer appearance followed by a wow! effect interior space, full of color and with a magic view of the Rivertrail landscape thanks to the view-catcher–periscope.