Gutiérrez-De La Fuente
EUROPAN 14 Results Catalogue

EUROPAN 14 Results Catalogue

Last month of May was launched the Europan 14 Results Catalogue, presenting  the winning projects (winners, runners-up, special mentions) with the winning teams’ and juries’ points of view. Experts analyse the results from the angle of the innovating proposals on the session topic: The Productive City.
One of these articles, “The Software and the Hardware”, is written by Carlos Arroyo and Julio de la Fuente, comparing how different emerging practices can trigger the transition “from city to productive city”.
The article contains a series of innovations, from political models to building typologies, that are needed in order to manage the new and shorter distances between production-distribution-consumption, as well as to negotiate the interest of private owners, investors and local communities in the circular economy.

Link to Europan Europe _ E14 Results Catalogue