Gutiérrez-De La Fuente
3rd Prize “Los Molinos” Competition

3rd Prize “Los Molinos” Competition

Gutiérrez-delaFuente wins the 3rd Prize in the competition for the refurbishment and conversion of a former school complex into a new cultural facility in Los Molinos (Region of Madrid), Spain.
The goal of the competition was the transformation of the obsolete “Divino Maestro” educational complex into a cultural centre including a small theatre, an exhibition room, and a music & dance school. Also the conversion of the former school outdoor areas into a new public space for the village was included in the project.
The G-dlF proposal upcycled the complex through a series of “programmatic prosthesis” containing the new activities and resolving energy, acoustic and accessibility issues.
The competition was organized by the Professional Association of Architects in Madrid COAM, and had 77 entries, showing the great interest of architecture offices in that competition.
A presentation of the results and exhibition will coming soon. Congratulations to the winners!

Know more about the project and the other awarded entries in the following link:

Direct link to COAM (Competition Office)