Gutiérrez-De La Fuente
2nd Prize “Baluarte de la Bandera Museum” Competition

2nd Prize “Baluarte de la Bandera Museum” Competition

Gutiérrez-delaFuente wins the second prize in the competition for the refurbishment and conversion of the “Baluarte de la Bandera” (the military bastion of Ceuta) into a new museum in the city of Ceuta, Spain.

The goal of the competition was the transformation of the city bastion, a listed and singular military infrastructure built in the 16th century, into the new Murallas Reales Centre and a museum of the city of Ceuta, including the public space of the city gate and the access to the Murallas Reales ensemble (the city walls).

The competition was organized by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Spain (Ministerio de Fomento).