Gutiérrez-De La Fuente
G-dlF in Seoul Biennale 2019

G-dlF in Seoul Biennale 2019

The Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2019 starts!!
Gutiérrez-delaFuente participates in the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2019.
G-dlF takes part in the “Cities Exhibition” curating the contribution of the city of Madrid and the Spanish Urban Agenda (AUE 2019) from the Ministry of Development of Spain.

The team also curated together with Kristiaan Borret and StudioVlayStreeruwitz a “Productive Villa” at the Donuimun Museum Village, Seoul, where the AUE, the cities of Madrid, Brussels and Vienna share the theme: “Productive and Circular City”.

One space of that Villa is the Madrid/AUE exhibition space designed by G-dlF where the research book “Rendering the Collective in the Circular City” will be presented. The book is a reflection about the new proximities in the post-industrial productive city and its impacts on a political, ecological, spatial, social and economic level, taking Madrid as a case study and exploring the AUE2019.

Next 5th of September G-dlF will take part of the “Madrid/AUE, Brussels and Vienna” Round Table moderated by the Cities Exhibition curators. The event will be at Dongdaemun Design Plaza DDP Lap 1F from 10:00 to 13:00. The participants will be Ángela de la Cruz, Kristiaan Borret, Bernd Vlay and Julio de la Fuente.

This year’s SBAU theme, “The Collective City”, will be explored through five different venues around Seoul showcasing Thematic, Cities, Global Studios, On-site, and Public Programs exhibitions. The SBAU will run from September until November of 2019. The official opening will be on 7th September at DDP and Donuimun Museum Village.

The Biennale is co-curated by Jaeyong Lim and Francisco Sanin. The Cities Exhibition is curated by Yim Dongwoo and Rafael Luna.

Link to SBAU 2019

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