Baluarte de la Bandera Museum in Ceuta, Spain (Second Prize)

Date: 2019
Status: 2nd Prize, National Open Competition
Category: Conversion, Facility, Culture
Tags: Baluarte de la Bandera, Museum, Museography Spain, Military Conversion Ceuta

Client: Ministry of Development of the Government of Spain, City of Ceuta
Location: Baluarte de la Bandera and associated vaults in Ceuta, Spain
Program: Museum of the City of Ceuta
Study area: 0.5 ha
Area: 350,00m2
Budget: 949.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Museography: Juan Enrique Álvarez
Collaborators: Xabier Montilla, Gabriela Oxford, Miguel Sanabria, Carmen Santana


Noli me tangere, an attitude: the military bastion of Ceuta has been witness of the evolution of several civilizations and military techniques. One of the main areas of the bastion is the Baluarte de la Bandera and its associated vaults. The future of the complex will be a Museum of the City, a new cultural infrastructure at the scale of the Royal Walls (Murallas Reales). The proposal follows the attitude of the Fra Angelico picture “Noli me tangere” (translated from latin as “don’t touch me”), where the existing vaults are preserved as they are currently, and literally not touched by the new intervention. The project tries to restore the original spaces and throws back all the negative impacts suffered during last decades.
● Support vs infill: as the preservation of the vaults is the starting point of the proposal (“support”), the new programs and the museography devices are two light and reversible “infills”. The museography is integrated in a floating walkway featuring all exhibitions. An external infill is attached with all museum facilities and installations, allowing many configurations of use during the day, during the week. The local climate is a strong device to drive a bioclimatic strategic based on air dehumidification and passive ventilation through the former chimneys for the evacuation of the smoke of the cannons.