Cultural Facility in Los Molinos, Spain (Third Prize)

Date: 2018
Status: 3rd Prize, National Open Competition
Category: Conversion, Facility, Culture
Tags: Casa de la Cultura Los Molinos, Cultural facility, Conversion Madrid

Client: Town of Los Molinos
Location: “Divino Maestro” Educational Complex, Los Molinos (Region of Madrid). Spain
Program:Cultural Centre, theatre, exhibition room, music & dance school. Public space.
Study area: 0.5 ha
Area: 1.150,00 m2
Budget: 900.000,00 €
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Collaborators: Carmen Santana, Gabriela Oxford
Visualizations: Sergio González


Creating a new urban centrality: the obsolete educational complex “Divino Maestro”, in Los Molinos (Region of Madrid), is located in between the two main urban poles, the commercial area and the old part of the town. The goal of the municipality is to create a new urban node with the conversion of the former school buildings into a new cultural hub, including a small theatre, an exhibition room, and a music & dance school. Also, the transformation of the former court and the school outdoor areas into a new public space for the village, is included in the urban proposal.
Upcycling the existing infrastructure: in order to maintain the local identity of the village, the volumetry and the facade of the existing buildings is preserved as much as possible. The complex will have a new life span throughout a series of programmatic prosthesis containing the proper spaces for the required uses and activities, resolving at the same time, energy, acoustic and accessibility issues. The programmatic infills will share the same wooden materiality, something traditional in the region. The programmatic strategy will drive the whole mutation of the complex, transforming all the buildings into cultural spaces, such as a library, an archive, workshops for entrepreneurs, or an intergenerational centre . In a first step, the system is implemented only in one of the buildings, the “A Pavilion”. It is a long-term project, a legacy for the future.