Hakaniemi Area in Helsinki, Finland

Date: 2017
Status: International Competition (Hakaniemenrannan ideakilpauli)
Category: Masterplan, Landscape, Mixed-use, Residential
Tags: Hakaniemi Masterplan Helsinki, Hagnäs urban planning, Housing Helsinki, Waterfront Finland

Client: City of Helsinki, MARK, SAFA
Location: Hakaniemi Area, Hagnäs District, Helsinki. Finland
Program: Public space, landscape, waterfront, mixed-used led by housing
Strategic Area: 22 Ha
Built Area: 35.000,00 m2
Budget: 90.000.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos, Nexo Arquitectura, E.Leira
Collaborators: Giulia Cosentino, Pasquale Ludovico, Flavio Martella, Nina Mikkilä


● Public space as the main driver: Hagnäs is planning the biggest change in the urban structure since Havshagen was built. The goal is for the area by 2030 to be more closely linked to the center of Helsinki and that Hagnäs is a central place for the exchange of public transport and the waterfronts are open to all. Two new waterfronts with a strong identity, two basins (Proomu in finnish) organize the public space, the marinas and the residential areas, merging architecture and landscape, together with the industrial heritage of the area.
● Four spatial structures for a mixed-use scheme: a complete mixed-use development led by housing, including productive activities again in Hakaniemi Area, is organized around four urban armatures to drive the process of transformation throughout the time. These structures are: the HUB of public transport, the SPINE of a new inner canal, the two BASINS (Proomu), and the PSS (Productive Service Station) as a link with the former industrial land. The hybrid artefacts include water amenities in groundfloor, exploring a new urban contact between the public, the commons and the private.