MC5 Patio House in Madrid, Spain

Date: 2017/-
Status: Under Construction. Private commission
Category: In Progress, Residential
Tags: Patio House, Single Family House Madrid, Residential Spain


Client: Private
Location: Galapagar, Region of Madrid. Spain
Program: Single family patio house
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Structure: Mecanismo
Lighting: Ignacio Valero
Surveyors: Jorge Carrión, Ignacio Moreno
Collaborators: Beatriz García, Carmen Santana, Laura Sedano


A patio house open towards the south: the MC5 is a compact house organized around a central patio. A central garden, an impluvium receives all water from the pitched roofs and is able to manage a bioclimatic strategy. The house is fitted in between the borders of the plot, opening towards the front-garden, the swimming pool, the sun, the south orientation.