Mining area conversion in Asturias, Spain (2nd Prize Europan 9)

Date: 2008
Status: 2nd Prize (runner-up) Europan 9 Asturias International Competition
Category: Masterplan, Conversion, Mixed-use, Residential
Tags: Europan 9 AMA Asturias, Mining Area Industrial Conversion, Reconversión Industrial Asturias


Client: Hunosa (mining company), Regional Government of Asturias
Location: Asturias Metropolitan Area, mining region (area). San Antonio coal well, Aller. Asturias. Spain.
Program: Linear park with amenities and sport facilities, residential, hotel, cultural (mining museum), facilities and retail.
Strategic Area: 2,5 Ha
Built Area: 20.000,00 m2
Budget: 28.500.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos


Post-industrial mutations: after decades of mining activity in the Europan 9 AMA location, now the region is object of a contemporary urban mutation process derived from the post-industrial age. It’s time to upcycle the former industrial enclaves. This Europan 9 winning entry proposes a complete mixed-use program for the future development of the region, focusing on new ways of living, a new creative economy and tourism, as new future-oriented vectors. The work explores the regional scale and the network of thirty coal mines with its own identities, at the same time that, makes a robust specific proposal for one emblematic coal well, San Antonio.
Linear habitats: this territory is defined by its linear infrastructures. The effectiveness of this linear infrastructures that define the territory would be jeopardized if there were too many knots and exits, which is why we propose a regional system of nodes supported by linear inhabited corridors, linear habitats.
Dominer le site: the nodes are featured with several dematerialized towers. The sum of all the visual conquests from each node generates a global understanding of the region. The network works, following one of the Claude Parent principles, “dominer le site”.