Morentin Square in Navarra, Spain

Date: 2013-
Status: In progress. 1st Prize National Invited Competition
Category: In progress, Landscape
Tags: Morentin Public Space, Morentin Main Square, Plaza Morentin Navarra


Client: Town of Morentin
Location: calle Los Fueros 7, Morentin. Navarra. Spain
Program: Public space, main square
Study area: 1.691,00 m2
Area: 610,00 m2
Budget: 124.346,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Collaborators: Daniel Guerra (competition phase)
Technical advisor: Jorge Carrión
Construction: TEX Obras y Servicios S.L.
Surveyor: Jesús M. Armendáriz
Photographs: Gutiérrez-delaFuente


Reappropriation of the tradition: a main public space for Morentin is an old desire from the citizens, and better, if this new shared space is associated to a traditional fronton (a public sport facility). The proposed urban layout is just a conscientious answer to the context, the citizen desires and the technical requirements of this kind of sport facility. The construction of the Square, in two phases, is the result of the 1st Prize won in the Invited National Competition.
Reintegrating an urban void: the strategic approach to the site is based on three attitudes: (1st) reconsidering the tasks in a traditional rural area without nostalgia, (2nd) relaunching the main issues and questions involving local actors, and finally, (3rd) reintegrating this urban void in the urban fabric and in the everyday of Morentin. The backbone of the project is anchored around five points: (1st) Take advantage of the traditional role of the fronton as public space generator, associated to an open square, which is protected of the strong North-West wind by the fronton walls. (2nd) Integrate the space of the street into the square, a shared traffic space, to make the public space bigger. (3rd) Clarify the public space to reach the existing beautiful views towards the East. (4th) Landscape and design the details to create a new local identity. (5th) Propose a implementation in two steps to address the current situation of austerity and lack of public funds.