Pedestrian Bridge in Pamplona, Spain

Date: 2014
Status: National Open Competition
Category: Landscape
Tags: Pedestrian Bridge Pamplona, Pasarela Peatonal Rochapea Pamplona, Pasarela Parque de Aranzadi



Client: City of Pamplona
Location: calle Errotazar. Between Rochapea and Aranzadi Park, Pamplona. Spain
Program: Pedestrian bridge, public kitchen garden pavilions and public space
Study Area: 2.500,00 m2
Area: 300,00 m2 (bridge), 350,00 m2 (pavilions)
Budget: 813.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Partner (structure): Mecanismo S.L.
Technical advisor: Jorge Carrión
Collaborators: Alejandra Muelas, Daniel Guerra



Linking urban fragments: after the ongoing transformation of the paradigmatic Aranzadi Park, where a former agricultural area is being converted into a fluvial park with a quite interesting program of public kitchen gardens, the city of Pamplona realized that a new connection with the Rochapea quartier, isolated until then, should be an opportunity to link several urban “plaques”. In addition to this new pedestrian bridge, a new program of pavilions for the kitchen gardens was requested in the competition brief.
The homo ludens: a quote from The Principle of Disorientation written by Constant in 1978 informed the proposal from the first beginning: “Homo ludens impinges on his environment: he interrupts, changes, intensifies, he follows paths and in passing, leaves traces of his presence everywhere… to be mobile and variable,… more than anything else, a playground, a place for adventure and exploration”.