Residential district in Freyung, Germany (Innenstadtnahes Wohnen Froschau)

Date: 2013
Status: Invited International Competition
Category: Masterplan, Urban Regeneration, Residential
Tags: Residential district Freyung, Stadt Freyung Innenstadtnahes Wohnen Froschau


Client: City of Freyung (Stadt Freyung)
Location: Abteistrasse, Kolpinstrasse. Southern inner city, Freyung. Germany
Program: 27 single-family houses, 42 apartments, parking, cellars, and landscape
Site Area: 2.8 Ha
Built Area: 8.100,00 m2
Budget: 17.000.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Collaborators: Beate Braun, Paul-Rouven Denz
Model: Nivelmás Maquetas


Betting on the city center: the city of Freyung is located in plain Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, close to the Czech Republic and Austria border. The idea of revitalizing the inner city, avoiding more urban sprawl growth, is the driver to develop the Southern area of the city center with a compact residential district (Innenstadtnahes Wohnen Froschau).
Robustness vs uncertainty: the uncertain demographic trend in Freyung is the first input of the proposal, and the answer to this uncertainty is a robust planning attitude based on the diversity of actors (residents and developers) and typologies that can be mutated over time maintaining the main principles (urban structure, connections, porosity). The masterplan is adapted carefully to the very different existing realities of the Froschau Area, such as, a supermarket, a parish center, social facilities, the Southern railway, and a natural meadow, which is converted into a park with a pond to manage the rainwater.