Intergenerational Centre IGZ in Dülmen, Germany (Intergeneratives Zentrum IGZ)

Date: 2013
Status: International Competition (Allmän arkitekttävling om Centrala Floda)
Category: Urban Regeneration, Landscape
Tags: Floda Urban Regeneration Sweden, Regeneración Urbana Suecia, Centrala Floda



Client: City of Floda, Lerums kommun
Location: Floda city center (Centrala Floda), Floda. Sweden
Program: Public space, landscape, residential, offices, hotel, retail, facilities, culture, sport & leisure
Strategic Area: 15 Ha
Built Area: 19.000,00 m2
Budget: 52.000.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos, Zero Architects (Jesús Mateo), Mats Erik Arkitektur (Mats Håkansson)



Integrating new inputs: the city of Floda is facing the future with the aim to gain attractiveness for new dwellers. The positive regional dynamic of the Lerum community, under the influence of the Göteborg Metropolitan Area, together with the redevelopment of the Floda train connections, seem to be the perfect scenario to initiate an urban regeneration process in the city of Floda. On one side, the inner city has the potential of its natural values, with the river Såvean and the lake Sävelången, but on the other, there is a clear lack of urban life (the opportunity).
Public space as the main backbone: the public space is understood as the backbone for the future-oriented action plan proposed. A sequence of five urban hubs, with very different programs and features, will guide the inner city transformation. These five urban spots run from the city entrance until the lake waterfront, becoming the new city spine. These are: (A) Floda entrance, (B) Stortorget, (C) Lillatorget, (D) Dansbryggan, and (C) Waterfront.