Waasner Area conversion in Forchheim, Germany (2nd Prize Europan 10)

Date: 2010
Status: 2nd Prize (runner-up) Europan 10 Forchheim International Competition
Category: Masterplan, Conversion, Mixed-use, Residential
Tags: Europan 10 Forchheim, Waasner Area Industrial Conversion, Reconversión Industrial Forchheim


Client: Gebr. Waasner GmbH & Co. KG, City of Forchheim (Stadt Forchheim)
Location: Waasner Area in Forchheim North. Bamberger Strasse, Forchheim. Germany
Program: Public space, residential, offices, hotel, retail, facilities, culture, sport & leisure
Strategic Area: 25 Ha
Site Area: 2.5 Ha
Built Area: 25.770,00 m2
Budget: 70.500.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos


Post-industrial mutations: the Waasner Company is an example of the conversion of a down-to-earth crafts enterprise into an innovative-productive company for metal processing. The production has changed and will be relocated, leaving a huge empty area in the middle of Forchheim North Social City, “an elephant in the city”. The city intention is to develop a multi-functional district, addressing the change from an industrial society to a service society, with special regards to the demographic trends towards an ageing population.
Nothing nostalgic about:the main goal of the proposal is to keep the industrial Waasner Area memory, but there is nothing nostalgic about this, it is preserved in order to subvert it. The entry develops a creative model which derives from the mediaeval townscape with steep roofs and half-timbering on the one side, and the industrial architecture of the neighbourhood with sheds on the other. The multitude and variety of uses, protagonists, spaces and shapes will lend Forchheim North a new, strong identity, making this district a unique part of the town with a positive impact on the neighbouring districts. The wide variety of uses is concentrated on a strip of public, semi-public and private land. New and interesting spatial situations are created whilst retaining existing key elements. The concept can be implemented in stages and remains extremely flexible. Visit the implementation in the project “Paradeplatz Mixed-use in Forchheim”.