Züricher Strasse Masterplan in Nürnberg, Germany

Date: 2013
Status: International Competition
Category: Masterplan
Tags: Züricher Strasse Masterplan Nürnberg, Mixed-use District Germany, Planeamiento Diseño Urbano Nuremberg

Client: City of Nürnberg (Stadt Nürnberg)
Location: Züricher Strasse, Nürnberg-Grossreuth District, Nürnberg. Germany
Program: Masterplan, landscape, residential, offices, retail, facilities, mixed-use
Site Area: 4.5 Ha
Built Area: 36.000,00 m2
Budget: 130.000.000,00€
Architecture: Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos
Landscape: Grabner+Huber Landschaftsarchitekten
Collaborators: Paul-Rouven Denz


A new infrastructural input: on the occasion of the U-Bahn Linie 3 (metro) arrival to the Grossreuth bei Schweinau area, the municipality of Nürnberg plans to develop a new residential district. The arrival of a new infrastructural input, from a local scale scope, will trigger the transformation of an urban fragment in the South-West fringe of the city.
The public realm production: the production of the public realm is understood as the contradiction between the new square around the U-Bahn Linie 3 Station, designed as a “clear in the forest”, and the large green area in transition between the city and the productive landscape, designed as an “urban forest”.
Diversity as the main driver: the proposed program for the future development combines the main residential use, 336 apartments and 19 single-family row houses, with offices, commercial and community facilities, in order to create a rich urban life around a complete mixed-use development, with a wide range of actors and rhythms. Diversity is the main driver for the new Nürnberg-Grossreuth Quartier. An innovative rainwater management strategy is integrated also in the city vision.